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Objective and Evidence-Based Research that Shows How Advanced Reactors can be Safely and Securely Deployed in Developing Cuntries 

Study to demonstrate that a Fukushima-type accident cannot occur with a small modular reactor if deployed in a developing country - Coming soon

Study to demonstrate that the consequences of an accident with a small modular reactor are significantly less with a small modular reactor - Coming soon

Study Categories

Construction Workers


Studies to demonstrate safety related features of advanced nuclear reactors

Security Guard in Surveillance Room


Studies that show that advanced reactors have reduced proliferation risk.

Sustainable Hydroelectric Power Generation .jpg


Studies that address all other issues other than safety and security, which include items such as cost and regulations.

Demonstration Research

The demonstration research is led by Dr. Sola Talabi, the founder of CANDiD through Pittsburgh Technical, which is a nuclear research firm. 

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