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This study shows that small modular reactors can self-contain radioactive materials and prevent them from escaping into the environment. The implication of this is that in the unlikely event of an accident, all the "bad stuff" would be self-contained in the reactor.

Technical speak: In the unlikely event of an accident, radionuclide particles are contained through passive decontamination mechanisms that rely on no-active systems such as pumps. 


Experiments to simulate an SMR accident

This video shows an SMR containment vessel under an actual accident condition, which includes a high temperature of 500 degrees F and pressure of 200psi.


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This study looked at the potential spread of radioactive particles from a small modular and showed that the particles would generally settle close to the reactor.


A study to show that in the unlikely event of accidental release of radioactive particles, the would not spread beyond the vicinity of the plant.


Design and construction of nuclear research lab

This link provides pictures of the fabrication and testing of our Small Modular and Advanced Reactor Test (SMART) lab.

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