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Can nuclear power be safely and securely deployed in Africa?

We studied the risks and opportunities of nuclear power deployment in Africa for over 20 years, now, let's share our findings...

Using Africa as a case study, the challenges to deploying nuclear power can be summarized as the "3-S" challenges - Safety, Security and Sustainability. 

3-S Challenges


Should I be concerned about the risk of a nuclear accident in an African country without a well-established indigenous nuclear industry?


Should I be concerned about the proliferation risk associated with extensive deployment of nuclear power in Africa?


Do African countries have the resources and infrastructure to deploy and operate nuclear reactors over their service life of up to 60 years?

Evidence-Based Responses and Demonstration Research

Demonstration research includes peer reviewed studies that demonstrate the ability of advanced nuclear reactors to address the 3-S issues of safety, security and sustainability. These include peer-reviewed studies conducted by Dr. Sola Talabi, the founder of CANDiD through Pittsburgh Technical, which is a nuclear research firm. We also reference several related studies conducted by other researchers.

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