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Sola Talabi Ph.D

CANDiD was established by Dr. Sola Talabi, who is a nuclear engineering researcher from Africa. Sola emigrated to the United States in 1997 to study engineering and power generation, with a goal to learn about power generation and use that knowledge to develop solutions to power Africa. After graduating with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Pittsburgh, Sola joined Westinghouse Nuclear, where he learned about nuclear energy and how the high-power density of nuclear reactors can solve global energy poverty. At the same time, he learned about nuclear safety and security risks, and devoted his PhD research focus on how to manage the risks associated with nuclear power to enable safe and secure deployment in the developing world. Sola has conducted several research projects on improving safety and security of nuclear plants. All relevant studies are available on this website. Sola is also a committee member on the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine study on Advanced Nuclear Power. In 2014, he started a nuclear research firm, called Pittsburgh Technical that conducts practical demonstrations of advanced nuclear reactor safety features. Sola established CANDiD as a non-profit entity to help to spread the research to the general public and also help to serve as a liaison between developing countries and suppliers of nuclear technology based on his background and experience with both. 



Carnegie Mellon University


Carnegie Mellon University


Carnegie Mellon University

1997 - 2000

University of Pittsburgh

PhD, Engineering and Public Policy, with a focus on nuclear power risk management.

MBA, with a focus on finance, risk management and entrepreneurship.

MSc., Mechanical Engineering with a focus on microfluidics and product design.

B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering

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